WHat is GBAC?

Greater Boston Artist Collective (GBAC) is a collective that helps local artists and musicians showcase their work to the community as well as creating charity events to people in need. We plan, search and create safe environment events for the everyone in the community to display their work, network and just have a great time. Our goal is to create art shows, do more charity funding and connect with artist for them to grow as artist and sell their work. So far we have done two events in Boston and are planning to do more. We have donated more than 25% of ticket sales to the Boston Children’s Hospital for the children in need.


Left to right:  Trippylandia, Karen Elisa & Jennifer Medrano.

Left to right: Trippylandia, Karen Elisa & Jennifer Medrano.


Trippylandia: Event organizer & Graphic Designer

  • Karen Elisa: Event organizer & Videographer

  • Jennifer Medrano: Event organizer

  • Milena Hakobyan: Marketing


For more information about GBAC, events & submissions

please email: