Frequently asked question

What are your prices?

Prices may vary depending on the project. I’d you’d like to know more pricing details or any estimations please fill out the contact form or emailing me at

Frequently asked question

What are the steps for requesting a custom painting?

  1. Contact me with the painting project you have in mind, they can send me multiple images, sketches or written ideas, just some information so I can visualize it.

  2. I will then send estimates for pricing, size canvas and material details.

  3. Once client agrees on the price, I then ask for them to put 50% down (Non-refundable) before I start the painting.

    (Tip: Depending on the canvas size, I tend to paint really fast and can finish the painting in less than a week.)

Frequently asked question

Do you have any bundle packages for Photography & Videography work?

Yes I do! Email me your future project and I can send you all of that information!


(More coming soon)